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Baltimore, MD-based JMG USA is the exclusive U.S. distributor of JMG Cranes and is supported by a nationwide network of dealers and service centers.

JMG Cranes are electric-powered, self-propelled pick-and-carry industrial cranes with capacity ranges from 2-60 tons, and can hoist and place loads without the need for stabilizers. JMG Cranes are perfectly suited for a variety of industries, including: power generation and distribution, water and sewage treatment, refineries, precast concrete, glass and curtain wall installation, and more.

JMG Cranes are green, inside and out. They consume no fossil fuels and are powered by either a battery or a "plug-in," rechargeable power source.


JMG USA Introduces 63-Ton Capacity Pick-and-Carry Crane

MC 580

JMG USA has introduced the MC 580, the largest JMG crane available in the U.S. market.

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